Scanning-electron micrograph of a microlens made with focused ion beam milling. Here shown after acid cleaning.
Diamond 3D Micro-structuring
We offer two methods of structuring diamond surfaces: 1) Reactive ion etching (RIE) Diamond can be anisotropically etched with (ICP) reactive ions. This can be used to thin down diamonds, for instance to produce diamonds thinner than possible with polishing techniques or together with masking techniques to achieve a wide range of structures. Simple Quartz masks can be used to pattern larger areas (e.g. 1×1mm) with thin membranes or larger indentations, or lithography processes together with hard masks (oxides or nitrides) to define sub-micrometer structures. 2) Focused Ion Beam (FIB) Direct milling with FIB allows patterning of more complex shapes than masked approaches. For example, lenses with custom shapes can be milled. We can easily design and pattern a large variety of structures that can also be aligned with color centers. We can also perform acid cleaning to remove re-deposition of carbon atoms and residual Gallium atoms.
Light-microscope image of a microlens.
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