Cryo-CMOS mutiplexer
Cryogenic CMOS multiplexer,
Cryo-CMOS multiplexer
VTT-Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
This process is suitable for fabrication of CMOS based cryogenic multiplexers for possible use in large throughput characterization and statistical analysis of quantum dots, spin qubits, and other mesoscopic quantum and classical cryogenic devices. VTT has recently demonstrated 64-channel cryogenic CMOS multiplexers based on a digital decoder and analog switches with ultra-low static power dissipation (leakage) featuring a large number of different quantum dot spin qubit devices. The hybrid cryo-CMOS/quantum circuits, with low level of charge noise and disorder in both fully-depleted silicon-on-insulator n- and p-type MOFFETs and electron and hole quantum dots, were experimentally characterized down to 300 mK.
Cryo-CMOS multiplexer
(a) Optical micrograph of a 64-channel multiplexer with (b) standard digital CMOS logic gates and (c) embedded quantum dot devices [].
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